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About Empathy for Special Children

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Our Vision

A resilient, truly inclusive Neuro-diverse society. Where all are enabled to achieve their potential with the acceptance, timely support and opportunity they need to be recognized and celebrated for who they are.

Our Mission

To champion Neurodiversity in the wider population and be the foundation of an inclusive community; A family that nurtures and empowers all with the support and opportunity they need to feel safe, accepted and valued. Enabling those with a Hidden Difference, and all those that care for them, with the skills, confidence and resilience live their best lives, lifelong.

Who are we?

Empathy for Special Children is a registered charity, working across Shropshire to improve the lives and reduce social isolation of those growing up with a Hidden Disability.

Our core belief

Formed in 2010 by three like minded parents, we believe that all children deserve an equal opportunity at a fun and fulfilled childhood. We are proud to still be user led and that core belief still underpins all we do.

What do we provide?

We are a professional organisation and a short breaks provider. With a team of volunteers overseeing 3 core projects and a committed team of staff delivering a variety of activities across the county every week.

Grow, Change, Adapt

Year on year, month on month we grow, we change, we adapt. We bring fun, friendship and laughter to special lives whilst reminding families that no family member living with a hidden disability need ever feel alone.

Improving Lives

We exist to improve the lives of those we work for and what they think matters the most to us.

Take a look at how our families say we have helped them 

Empathy Photo Gallery
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