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COVID Information

We are doing our best to keep ahead of the ever changing situation and therefore this page up to date but please do subscribe to the website and follow us on social media for all of the latest updates.


We are doing all we can to ensure that Empathy for special is ready, equipped and able to respond immediately to the needs of those growing up with a hidden difference and those who care for them.

From the 13th Dec 2021, the board have taken the decision to suspend all indoor activities, in response to the rising numbers and uncertainty around the Omicron variant.

Outdoor meetings will continue for as long as it is both within guidelines and safe to do so.  

We are committed to ensuring that

  • The physical and mental health of all participants and our team is protected at all times.

  • We are working within Government and NYA  guidelines.

  • We are COVID secure in our face to face work and that our online work is safe and secure for all users.

  • We are proactive in responding to the emerging needs of our users.

  • Our users can reach out to us and receive the appropriate and timely support they need

  • No child, young person or carer is at risk, forgotten or abandoned as a result of this pandemic.

Please click on the link for more detailed information but if you need us, please get in touch today.

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