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Our Family Friendship Groups were where we began and remain at the core of all we do.


After 9 years we felt it was high time they had their own project name.


We have chosen CONNECT to reflect the essence of the sessions; reconnecting families with success, with positive experiences and activity and with time spent together. To become connected with their own community, with the support they need to enable all children and families living with a hidden difference to find some fun, friendship and live life to the full.


It is at these multi-activity sessions in the heart of their own communities that our children find a place to belong, a place to feel safe, a place to be themselves, to understand that they are not alone and that in our own way, we are all a little different.


Through the delivery of sport, play and creative activities children and families begin to gain confidence and believe in themselves again. They learn and are supported by their Peer group - other families just like theirs.


The familiar faces the Enable team give everyone a point of reference and the support they need to be successful. 


It is from this firm foundation of trust, confidence and acceptance that we see families flourish and colours shine across the other projects.


"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another:
“What!” You Too? I thought I was the only one.” - C. S. LEWIS
Empathy Charity Butterfly logo
Empathy Charity Butterfly logo

CONNECT currently fortnightly on a Saturday in


Craven Arms, Oswestry, Whitchurch and Telford


Each run to the same set routine of


  • 0 - 45 mins - Freeplay;  Sport, Play and Creative Activities are delivered side by side and everyone gets involved ( Yeess ! Mums and Dads too )

  • 45 mins - 1 hrs  - Snack; Parents all contribute too and help out with Snack and the children and young people get to try their hand at social eating.

  • 1 hr - 1.45 mins  - Led Activity - The playleaders take the lead for this part of the session and led the children and young people in either a lead sport, activity or sometimes introduce them to visiting clubs. If team isn't your thing there is always a quiet or craft activity too.This leaves parents free to enjoy Coffee Time; giving the adults a chance to chats, seek advice and support from each other or the visiting professionals.

  • 1.45 hr - 2 hrs  - Together Time - We come back together as a group and share one last running around game and our thoughts about todays group.

Please remember no child or Young Person needs a diagnosis of anything to access Empathy.

If you need our support then you are all very welcome.


Families can self-refer.


We will need you to register with us before you attend.


If you would like to receive our Snapshot newsletter to keep up to date with all the latest news you will also need to subscribe to the site.

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