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 Is the overarching name for our newest service.


The aim is to enhance and support our current offer, with a range of services working directly with individuals to work through specific current issues and problems.


 Sometimes activities and events alone are just not enough. There are times when we all need a little extra help, support, guidance and information and we hope to develop this project to provide all of that.


The first phase of that development is now live, with the second phase still in pilot but we hope to be able to bring you that second phase very soon. 

We want this service to be relevant to you !


So please do take some time to fill in the survey below to help us shape the right service. 

The service is volunteer led, you can also find out more about volunteering at the bottom of the page. 


For support, advice and emotional help. The new help line is run by volunteers and is open to any carer or young person with additional needs via dedicated email, instant messaging or phone line.


The aim of providing a listening and supportive ear, with ongoing support, advise where appropriate or signposting, introduction or referral to other agencies.


Live Chat



This project is currently only at the pilot stage and an internal referral is required.

This project aims to provide a more bespoke one to one service for those who need specific support from a more specialist professional.


The type of support offered might include;

  • Advocacy

  • Meeting support

  • Form filling and report analysis.

  • Light tough assessments

  • EHCP request and reviews

  • Referral into specialist service

  • Strategies and support for home


If you feel this service might be something you need, please contact the ReachOut team

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Calling all volunteers!

Empower is manned entirely by volunteers. Whether you are a parent with lived experience or a professional with skills to share. 


We welcome you all.

Fully training and equipment is provided. 

If you have some time and skills to share please take a look at our current available roles and apply via the link. 

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