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Social Sibs

Growing up with a Hidden Difference does not simply impact on those with that difference, the whole family feel the ripple effect and none more so, than the siblings of our special children.



There are few bonds stronger than that between siblings and the trials and triumphs we share with our brothers and sisters as we grow up, shape the adult we become.


When your sibling is different then that experience can be very different from those around you. It can be a scary and lonely place to be and the prospect of being a lifelong carer, is not something most adults would not find easy.


Therefore we have made it a priority to ensure that siblings have access to support and to a peer group that understands. With the opportunity to share with others the high and lows, the skills and strategies they may need to equip to be successful and understand that their special sibling make them special too but most of all to ensure they can relax and have fun.



Social Sibs meet once a month in all three locations that we work in


Any sibling aged 7 years + can access any session, at any time.


The dates and locations for each session can always be found on the Diary 


Siblings do not need to access other Empathy projects to be a Social Sibs..


Programming is lead by the Sibs and runs on a termly basis..

Social Sibs This Autumn

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To access any of these sessions your sib must be registered with us
and all sibs sessions must be booked in advance.


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