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Empathy for Special Children Charity in Shropshire



Empathy for Special Children

Empathy for Special Children is a registered UK charity, working across Shropshire to improve the lives and reduce social isolation of those growing up with a Hidden Disability.

"Why fit in when you were born to stand out"- Dr. Seuss

At Empathy, we believe that different is not wrong, it is simply different and that with the right support and opportunities everyone can meet their potential. Seeing the world differently should not be a barrier to fun, friendship or living a full and active life.

However, the world doesn't see, it doesn't easily understand.


Therefore we are here to champion Neurodiversity in the wider population and be the foundation of an inclusive community.


A support network, a family, that nurtures and empowers all. With the opportunity they need to feel safe, accepted and valued. Whilst enabling those growing up with a Hidden Difference, and all those that care for them, with the support, skills, confidence and resilience they need to live their best lives, lifelong.

Read More ABOUT US and how we enable a life less ordinary to ensure that everyone can let their colours shine. 

Our Projects

We couldn't do what we do without your support - whether you are one of our fabulous volunteers, or if you donate your money to help us.

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