Enjoy is our overarching project name for all of our activities because every child should have an equal opportunity to ENJOY life; with fun, with friendship, with support.

Every week of every year right across Shropshire we are enjoying life together, somewhere, somehow. 

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Enable is our support package delivered by our fabulous team. 

All young people themselves, they bridge gap between children and adults and enable every child and young person to break down the barriers presented by their special situation. 

Where providing sessional support, working 1:1 in the community or providing some much needed respite with our baby sitting service.


The team are DBS checked, qualified first aiders, bespokely trained and ready to support you. 

Empathy Outreach bring our team to you.

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Our brand new Support Project :  REACH OUT goes live on the 1 st Dec and is available to anyone who needs a little extra support with their special life. 

 Reaching Out via messaging, email and face to face we hope to Empower you with the support and advice you need 

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The Empower project is our newest project, bringing together the knowledge and skill base along with the unique experience, perspective and Empathy that only comes from being a part of our special world. 

The project aims to Empower those living special lives with both knowledge and support.

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Online Community

In addition to our social media pages and members only groups our community facebook group aims to create a mutually supportive online network for family members to

connect, celebrate, discuss, share information and support each other.



We exist to improve the lives of those we work for and what they think matters the most to us.

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