Family Friendship Groups​

​Our two hour, multi activity sessions give families the opportunity to relax, play together and meet others facing the same challenges.

Running fortnightly in Craven Arms, Oswestry and Telford these sessions have something for everyone with sport, play and creative activities running side by side through each session/

Social Sibs

Not all super heroes wear capes.

This project gives these unsung heroes of our caring

community the opportunity to meet

others siblings in their local community, once a month.

Enabling them with the support of the team to relax, to have fun, to take a break and to talk with others that

understand about the highs and lows of being a carer


In addition to the monthly meeting, we go “Super” Social as often as we can and give the “sibs” a well earned treat.


Provides our young people with additional needs the opportunity to spread their wings and gain some independence.


Running to a varied term time and holiday

programme the project gives those in Year 6 and above the opportunity to travel and

experience activities with the support of our Enable Team, but without their families / carers.


Building confidence and resilience, gaining valuable life skills  and developing heathly peer relationships.

Empathy Outreach

We appreciate that not everyone is ready to join in with activities and how scary and isolating this journey can be.


 We are therefore developing a new range of services to allow those outside of the Empathy Active Membership to access support from the organisation and their peers.


The first of those services to go live is our new Facebook group

Empathy - Community

The aim of the Facebook group is to create a mutually supportive online network for family members to

connect, celebrate, discuss, share information and support each other.


This group is open to all and will remain separate from our Active Members Facebook group.


Our Facebook Page and Twitter Account will also remain for those who simply wish to hear our news.


Out And About

During every week, of every school holiday Empathy is Out and About .


With the support of the Enable Team, families enjoy a wide range activities and days out. Giving the children and young people not only the opportunity to enjoy the school holidays, alongside their peers but also the support to be successful in a challenging environment

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