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Empathy Projects

Empathy's primary objectives are to


ENABLE with the support of our trained team and 

EMPOWER with timely advice, support, and advocacy 


all those living with the impact of Neurodiversity or a Hidden Difference, and all those who care for them with an equal opportunity to 

ENJOY life with a range of accessible opportunities. 


 EMBRACE all that their lives have to offer with the skills, tools and understanding 

to be successful lifelong. 

Whether delivered from our new inclusion hub in Craven Arms ( coming Spring 2024 ) or though our ongoing Outreach work all of our projects support and build these for pillars of success and as such as the best best, to provide the best service for the needs of the Neurodivergent community at any one time. 


Some targeted work may have age ranges to ensure the work is meets the needs of those for whom it is intended however no diagnosis is needed to access any project, ever ! 

Please explore the links below to find out how we can support you and your family. 

If you need something that we don't offer then, please do click on the butterfly to let us know  

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