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Privacy Policy

Empathy for special children takes the privacy of those we are connected with seriously.


Empathy for special children collects your personal data for a number of reasons.


The data we hold about you will be always stored securely; on our own password protected database and in compliance with EU General Data Protection Regulations.


We collect this data through our website and in person.


Your data will only ever be used to support Empathy’s overarching charitable aims of

  • Improving the lives of those growing up with Autism and Hidden Disabilities, though opportunity and support.

  • Raising awareness of the challenges faced by those living with Autism and Hidden disabilities.


How you engage with us effects how we use that data;


If you are signing up our mailing list or subscribing to our newsletter;

we simply use the information to stay in touch with you and keep you update with activities, news and events.


If you are a member of Empathy for special children;

we use your data and information that you supply about your family to;


  • Stay in touch and inform you of upcoming events, activities and relevant news from the others agencies we work closely with.

  • Too keep your family safe and fulfil the requirements of the risk assessments at any activity you attend.

  • Satisfy the evaluation requirements of our funders.

  • Occasionally put you in touch with other families or professionals in your area, who we feel may be beneficial to your family or particular circumstance. We would only ever do this with your separate and prior consent.


Empathy will not use your data for any other purposes than those listed above



Your data will only be accessible to and handled by;



You can choose to remove your data at any time, by contacting the data protection officer.


We will retain your data until you ask us to remove it


in the case of members the until the 19th birthday of your youngest child.



If you have any questions please feel to contact us.

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