Empathy to those that access our support and activities Empathy is much more than an organisation.


It is a Family.

It is a Community.

It is a place to be accepted

and to belong.

Where our hidden difference is the thing that allows us to fit in and our common cause is to improve the lives of all of our children.

You can self refer at anytime and no child needs a diagnosis of anything to be a part of the Empathy family

Click the FAMILIES link to find out more about the ways we can make a difference to your family.

If you have questions about the support we provide, feel free to contact us at anytime.

You can register you family for our service, below

As an entirely grant fund organisation,

 we are reliant upon on the generosity of others, to enable us to continue changing lives.


Therefore if you are 

  • A funder looking to invest

  • Someone that wants to raise funds for us

  • Looking to get involved in one of our fundraising events or

  • Simply want to support us with a donation


   We are very grateful interest

and for your support.

Follow the FUNDRAISING link to find out how you can help

See the NEWS page for all the latest on our fundraising events

If our children are at the centre of all we do then our  team is the cornerstone.

Without our

Enable Leaders

Our Board of Trustees


Our Volunteers

we simply could not provide the high quality and consistent provision, support and care that our children deserve and get from Empathy.

Click the TEAM link if you are interested in becoming and Enable Playleader.

For details of all our volunteer opportunities, including Trusteeship, follow the meet the team link below