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Thank you for your interest in Empathy for Special Children. We are always glad to have more volunteers, staff and trustees on board with the charity. As an entirely grant funded organisation, we are reliant upon on the generosity of others, to enable us to continue changing lives.

Together we can enable and empower those growing up with a hidden difference, and those that care for them, with the opportunity, support and skills to enjoy and embrace all that life has to offer.

Work with us

If our children are at the centre of all we do then our team is the cornerstone.

Without our Enable Leaders, Board of Trustees, and Volunteers we simply could not provide the high quality and consistent provision, support and care that our children deserve and get from Empathy.


To those that access our support and activities, Empathy is much more than an organisation.

It is a Family.

It is a Community.

It is a place to be accepted and to belong.

Where our hidden difference is the thing that allows us to fit in and our common cause is to improve the lives of all of our children.

You can self refer at any time and no child needs a diagnosis of anything to be a part of the Empathy family

Click the PROJECTS button to find out more about the ways we can make a difference to your family.



Professionals, we are here to support you too.

Empathy can provide support and activities for the families you work with, and we can also provide you with a unique insight into a child / young person's behaviour within a social setting.

Support at meetings or with referrals

Support and information for parents.

Hit the professionals button below to

contact us. 

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