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Membership Packages

Empathy is more than an organisation, a community: a family.

 We believe that support should be accessible to all and that everyone should be able to find their tribe and place to belong. In the digital age we must also keep everyone safe and therefore our open membership allows you all to connect, to create a community, and access Empathy services with the peace of mind that all applications have been doubled checked by a human; to ensure that everyone is signing up with the intend of using the service for it's intended purpose. 

Open Membership

Our Open Membership is free and available to all. Open Membership gives you access to:

  • The App

  • The open members group chat and forums

  • Manage Your Account

  • Make bookings for sessions and events at the pay as you go rate

  • Email updates via our Snapshot mailings

As an entirely grant and donations funded organisation; we receive no Statutory or Government funding, we ask those accessing service to make a contribution to the cost. This ensures both the quality and consistence of service supporting the team to be at every session, ongoing training, resources and venue hire but we understand that if you are accessing a wide range of services this can become costly. We have therefore developed a range of optional membership packages, saving you money whilst supporting us to provide the best possible service to all. 

In light of the financial challenges all are currently facing and the changes to the way we work, our membership packages are currently under review.

All benefits for existing community members remain in place and we look forward to sharing our new suite of packages soon. 

In the mean time please do sign up to become an open member
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