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Working With The Board

Empathy, as with all Charities, is managed and run by a small, dedicated team of volunteers that make up the Board Of Trustees.

Empathy is proud to be user lead and has the parents and Young People that use our service, at the heart of the board but 

as we grow, so do the demands on that Board and the range of skills we need to be successful.

We have oodles of lived experience and a good sprinkling of skills to go along with it.

However, as we move into the next stage of Empathy's development to ensure that Empathy is sustainable and remains viable, we must grow and change. For that, we need a wider skill set.

To support the board does not mean you have to become a trustee, although we would love you too ! 

If what you can offer is a short term piece of work or expertise in an advisory capacity we welcome that too. 

Currently, we particularly need:

Financial and Accounting Skills

 Marketing and PR skills.

Charity Trading Knowledge

Business Management skills

Fundraising Skills

To be a Trustees is undoubtedly a commitment, the board meets up to 6 times a year and there is always something to keep the board busy in between meetings but you are very much needed and your time is very much appreciated.

If trusteeship is something that interests you please check out some of the general info around trusteeship on the links

Empathy Structure
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Below are some of our current role descriptors for guidance. 

Whether you are interested in a full board role or would just like to talk about offering your skills to us on more ad hoc basis please apply through our Volunteers Page 


Empathy new logo butterfly_edited.jpg

Our children and young people are at the heart of all we do and it is vital that we keep them at the centre of both the organisation and decision making.


Our young trustee's info and advice the board and they have their own page and application via the link below 

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